we love community.

We're about people coming together to celebrate life. Sometimes it's big occasions, weddings and big promotions, 50th birthdays and 60 year anniversaries, but most of the time it's just life together around a table that impacts us the most. It's there, in that community, that we find our meaning. CiderPress Lane is our home, but it's also our business. We started doing what we loved and it grew into dinners, and events, a cookbook, and a design business that is all focused on connecting people in community.

We're so glad you're here to join us on this adventure!

feed your community : change the world


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This is so much more than just a cookbook. This is the story of how our community has gathered around our table and literally changed the world! All from gathering together for dinner. This book is your how-to guide to turn your table into a tool to bring your community together and change the world! And I guess you'll have to get the book to read the full story ;)


This is our life at CiderPress Lane

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